GLIDE 2.0 AA-Series 5m (Demo #102AA)

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    This is for a 2024 Demo GLIDE AA-Series 5m Wing - the extraordinary world's first FULL composite ALUULA wing - extra ordinary light and strong. Used for ONE demo event in Copenhagen in 2024 - and it's the FIRST (and only) AA-Series demo wing we have had.

    Please check out the photo's uploaded for condition - which is 9/10 (where 10/10 = as new). It's 9 because it's been unpacked, inflated and used for one demo event (approx. 4 x 15 minutes usage max). A BARGAIN way to get hold of the AA-Series wing.

    Glide AA-Series

    Discipline: All Around - Surf / Freestyle / Race

    The Glide AA is our first all ALUULA composite wing and the launch pad for new ALUULA technologies: Aeris and Aeris X airframe and canopy materials.

    86gsm Aeris X delivers outstanding stiffness to the center of the leading edge and strut tube, while 74gsm Aeris provides the desired wing tip reflex.

    Light, stiff and durable, 46gsm Aeris X canopy extends the upper and lower wind range of each size, while taking canopy tear resistance to a new level.

    The combination of these technological upgrades results in a wing that is exceptionally stable, lightweight and user-friendly. This advanced wing allows you to concentrate on your riding experience without being hindered by any drawbacks typically associated with traditional wings.

    The Glide AA is compatible with all Ocean Rodeo Matrix wing handles and comes with the new Quick Click Wing Leash - a self aligning connector pin makes clicking in and out a one-handed operation.

    Recycle-ready - The ALUULA Aeris and Aeris X materials used for the airframe and canopy in the Glide AA-Series are recyclable at the end of their useful life.